“A pocket watch. She bought a pocket watch and it killed her. And I thought how we died was bad.”

As far as apartments go, roommates Stella and Charlotte “Bronte” believe theirs to be just fine.  Sure, they hate taking the stairs up to the third floor, especially after grocery shopping.  And yes, the apartment staff could be a bit nicer.  But all things considered, it’s not a bad place to live.

Until the sudden chills begin, seizing them at inexplicable times.  Until Bronte starts to see shapes out of the corner of her eye and Stella begins to hear voices too close, sighs too near to be the culprit of paper-thin walls.

Century-old ghosts Oliver and Cyril have seen what happens to mortals forced, unknowingly, to spend time in their company.  Their perceptions change, allowing them to perceive the Otherworld.  A realm, they know, humans can only tolerate for so long before madness sets in.

Determined to save Bronte and Stella from the fate that befell their last haunting, Oliver and Cyril must find a way to keep the girls from perceiving the Otherworld.  But how are they to do it when they’re trapped in a normal apartment?  How long do they have before their forced proximity to the girls deepens their perceptions?

And why do they start to feel chills themselves?

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