dream journal

Dream Journal: Romeo and Juliet meets the Transportation Industry

So we’re in Disney. Having a grand old time, me, my friend Scarlet, and my friend Virginia. And we’re chilling in this English style pub. It’s lovely and lively and so crammed full of people but it’s freaking wonderful.

Well, since our table has an extra seat, we invite over this kid who couldn’t get a seat at the bar. And this teenager is completely dejected, with sadness oozing out of him, so when Scarlet asks what’s up, he launches into his story about star-crossed lovers in the Disney transportation department.

He drives the buses.

She drives the boats.

And the rivalry between these two faces of transportation is so fierce that the Montagues and the Capulets would have balked. And because of that, they can’t be together, despite how much they love each other, so he’s overcome with this heavy depression that’s just sucking out his Mickey-Mouse-earing-wearing soul.

So, naturally, we decide to meddle by getting them together! And that brightens his spirits, so we come up with a plan!

Then, suddenly, like dreams do, we’re in a gas station convenience store. And we’re looking around, Virginia can’t decide what kind of Reese’s chocolate she wants, and for whatever reason, there’s this massive line outside the building.

I don’t know what they’re lined up for, but I go to look at the purses this store has to offer because I suppose I left mine in the pub.

Then I hear the ticking.

Bomb-style ticking.

So I scream, grab Scarlet and Virginia, yelling that there’s a bomb, and we rush outside.

Everyone’s panicking Oprah style. You get a dose of panic, and you get a dose of panic, and you get a dose of panic until it’s spread like wildfire and the line outside has devolved into bedlam.

And Virginia is screaming that the Buses are trying to kill us.

And Scarlet is screaming that the Boats are trying to kill us.

We throw ourselves onto the ground to avoid the debris from the explosion…only I wake up first.

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