Book Review: Veins of Magic (The Otherworld #2) by Emma Hamm

Book Blurb:

Once upon a time…

Heartache dogs the steps of Sorcha of Ui Neill. Although she is home with her family, she is unable to shake the memories of her time in Hy-brasil. She heals with a heavy heart, tells stories with melancholy words, and cannot forget the magic of the Otherworld. When an opportunity arises to return to her beloved Fae Prince, she makes a questionable deal. Dark magic, druidic curses, and a witch open a portal and send her tumbling into the middle of a war she must end for the sake of all who dwell in the Otherworld.

Saving the faeries will not be easy when she has become a woman they fear.

The once banished king battles his way through the Otherworld, freeing the Lesser Fae with each swing of his sword. Each attack turns Eamonn into something far more beastly than before. Geodes multiply and hinder his movements, harden his heart, and crystallize his resolve.

Together, they face the King of the Seelie Fae and his golden army to end the war that will change the fate of the Otherworld forever.

Published December 2017 by Emma Hamm

My Review:

Once again, Emma Hamm knocks it out of the park with a wonderful conclusion to Sorcha and Eamonn’s story. And buckle up, buttercups, because you’re in for a wild ride.

Just as with the first book, Sorcha’s forced to navigate through a doozy of a minefield in dealing with fae. Only this time, it’s not just fae Sorcha has to contend with. We meet ghosts, druids, witches, and the formidable Fomorians, each one wanting something different from our duo, and each one attempting to set the pieces to fall in their favor.

I love how deceptively tricky this minefield is. Just when I’m sure something comes along to aid our pair, someone else drops a bomb warning them of the consequences. It’s wonderfully juxtaposed with the trickery of fae–as they can’t tell a lie–and it weaves a confusing complexity into the story that, once again, left me second guessing each action Sorcha took.

Now we come to the main differences between these two stories: the stakes.

Hear of Fae dealt with smaller stakes: the fate of Sorcha’s family, drawing Eamonn from his depression, giving Sorcha a reason to live for herself. And I love quiet stakes. Don’t get me wrong, I love fighting for the fate of the world too, but with so many stories written about people saving the world over…and over…and…over, it gets to be a bit stale. Quiet stakes feel like a breath of fresh air in comparison.

That being said, it’s logical that Sorcha and Eamonn would be contending with bigger stakes in the conclusion of their story. Eamonn is a dethroned king, after all, and Sorcha’s bloodline demands satisfaction. Organically, it makes sense. And I loved how it concluded while still keeping true to the Beauty and the Beast story.

Veins of Magic continues with all the high notes found in Heart of Fae, and for that reason alone, it scores highly. It left me satisfied at the end with a mild case of book hangover. The characters, the complex trickery, and the way it stays true to the Beauty and the Beast tale give it a solid 4.5 out of 5.

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