Book Review: The Queen Con (The Golden Arrow #2) by Meghan Scott Molin

Book Blurb:

MG Martin thought she’d turned the last page on the dangerous Golden Arrow case. The bad guys are behind bars, and the rest is up to her detective boyfriend, Matteo Kildaire. But when Golden Arrow impersonators start popping up all over Los Angeles, the writer in MG can’t help but be intrigued. Are they impostors, or has the original Golden Arrow returned for another story arc?

A reemergence of drug crime has left the LAPD baffled, and golden arrows are once again being left at crime scenes. Matteo asks MG if she’ll resume consulting on all things geek, and she jumps at the opportunity. No need to mention that she may also do some sleuthing, with her friends’ help, right?

It’s rumored that the Golden Arrow will make a guest appearance at an exclusive queen party, and MG, Lawrence, and Ryan go undercover to sniff out the truth. But the sting goes sideways in a deadly way, and it’s up to their little crew to prove that the Golden Arrow might actually be the supervillain they’re chasing. Because looks can be deceiving, and every good writer knows the sequel is where the real plot twist happens…

July 9th 2019 by 47North

My Review:

Ok, so, take this review with a grain of salt, because I’m totally biased toward anything with nerd references. Ready Player One? Yeah, I loved the book and the movie, while my friends trashed them both as nothing more than 80s nostalgia porn. And maybe it was, but the whole point of a story is to entertain, right? To draw me in, engage with me for a while, and spark emotions and thoughts.

The quickest way to do that, for me personally, at least, is to cater to my interests. And The Queen Con checks them all off as if the universe presented Meghan Scott Molin with a ready made checklist and said “Hey, don’t forget to add these.”

Those references are, and forever shall be, my favorite part of this series. Because they’re jokes I would make. They’re media I’ve seen and adored. They draw upon a huge influential culture in my life, and to see Molin wield them with the same love, care, and reverence I have for them just makes me all warm and mushy inside.

But to make it even better, we get a mystery!

Gah, I love mysteries.

And oh boy, what a mystery it is. I was hooked from page one, and by the time our heroes reached The Party (believe me, when you get there, you’ll wig out as much as I did), I was a goner. I consumed that book like my life depended on it…which was kind of ironic, since I essentially made myself into a human burrito while I read, not coming up for food until I finished, but I digress.

The writing is so engaging, so vividly compelling (I’m looking at you again, The Party), and the cast of characters felt like good friends I’d missed since finishing the first installment. I loved the book, and better yet, I didn’t feel like anything was missing. Molin shot another arrow straight into five star range.

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