Book Review: Long Witch Night (Red Witch Chronicles #2) by Sami Valentine

Book Blurb:

Lights, Camera, Poltergeist. A Hollywood dream becomes a nightmare.

Called to a movie set, Red investigates a haunting that threatens to turn a Christmas flick into a slasher film. Allied with a soulmancer, she has to save the Hollywood A-Listers from a phantom that wants souls instead of autographs.

Busting ghosts is easier than laying her own personal demons to rest. With a paralyzed mentor, a sexy vampire playing hard to get, and petrifying anxiety about her own mysterious origins, Red is struggling to find the holiday spirit.

Everyone wants their fifteen minutes of fame in Los Angeles, Red has to find out who is willing to kill for it.

…Before the poltergeist takes her out first.

Published December 20th 2019 by Pocketmaus Publishing

My Review:

Just like with its predecessor, I got some serious Buffy vibes coming from this book. Though it definitely took one a more ghostly vibe as the story progressed. In this installment of Sami Valentine’s Red Witch Chronicles, we find Red and Vic working to exorcise the Bell Witch from a Hollywood set.

But things aren’t straightforward when you’re dealing with ghosts.

And soon Red finds herself fighting for her life against dark forces hellbent on vengeance.

It was a fun read–especially if you adored Buffy or The Vampire Diaries. Exactly the kind of supernatural cozy you might be looking forward if you need a little romance, a lot of action, and spades of spooks. The characters kept true to their first installment, which I loved, and I seriously felt for the trauma they experienced in the first book. I appreciated that immensely–it wasn’t just something that was dealt with and hardly brought up again. There were lasting repercussions from the first novel that made themselves apparent in this one, giving the story more oomph in my opinion, especially in terms of world-building.

The writing felt sharper and cleaner too. Though there were some parts that felt too stylized, at the expense of clarity. It was beautiful writing, don’t get me wrong, but I found myself rereading the parts and trying to puzzle through what the flowery prose meant. That being said, it was definitely cleaner and felt generally more professional, which just goes to show how dedicated to her craft Sami Valentine is.

I loved my second jaunt through the supernatural LA of Sami Valentine’s imagination. 4.5 out of 5 stars!

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