The Apparition Investigation Series

Roommates Stella and Charlotte “Bronte” live in a haunted apartment

Which isn’t all that bad, really.  Ghosts Cyril and Oliver are polite, charming, and respectful.  Things seem positively hunky-dory for the quartet.  Until Oliver and Cyril begin seeing shadows, hearing growls.  Then all four are left wondering: can ghosts be haunted themselves?

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Stella loves working for Apparition Investigations, but her powers keep growing, strengthening beyond her control.  With dangerous consequences.

And this new case they’re on?  It has them running into rival ghost hunters.  The Adair brothers from Obscurity Consultants are tried and tested when it comes to battling ghosts, which could be a problem considering Apparition Investigations has ghosts on the team.

Free on Kindle Unlimited!