The Apparition Investigation Series

If ghosts haunt humans…then what haunts ghosts?

After moving into their new apartment, best friends Stella and Bronte quickly learn it’s haunted.  But Cyril and Oliver, their resident ghosts, are polite and charming, turning their lives into something more Casper than Insidious.

At first.

Soon, Cyril and Oliver realize something else has followed them into their new home…something depraved.  And if that wasn’t bad enough, a psychic has picked up on the supernatural disturbances and vows to exorcise all the ghosts present, including Stella and Bronte’s new friends.  If the four are going to survive their enemies—both living and dead—they’ll need to adapt to the new world they’ve found themselves in.

Before it’s too late.

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Apparition Investigations has their next two cases.

The Horton Grand Hotel:

A maid at the Horton Grand Hotel has been shot…only she claims it was by a ghost.  The crew heads to sunny California to examine the maid’s story, but when they arrive, they realize they weren’t the only team called in.  The Adair brothers from rival firm Obscurity Consultants are tried and tested when it comes to handling ghosts, which could be a problem for Cyril and Oliver.  Based on the real-life haunting of the Horton Grand Hotel!

Friendswill High School:

An infectious plague has swept through a local school, only affecting students of a particular grade.  What’s more, the strange sickness seems to coincide with the recent loss of a beloved student.  But as AI digs deeper, they learn the dearly departed wasn’t loved by everyone…and that resentment can persist long past death.  With such negativity festering over the school, anything could be summoned, including creatures born of pure darkness.

Free on Kindle Unlimited!

On sale for $2.99 on Amazon!

Apparition Investigations is taking a break.

It’s much deserved after the hellish training Obscurity Consultants has put them through.  For one week, they’ll take a much-needed break from anything demonic, ghostly, or weird—minus Cyril and Oliver’s company, of course.

At first glance, The Ocean Gypsy seems like a veritable paradise.  And the team can’t wait to unwind.  But as they explore the ship more, they can’t stop the nagging feeling that something is desperately wrong on board.

Cut off from outside help, they’ll need to rely on their new training, each other, and their blossoming psychic abilities to defend the ship and her passengers.  The stakes are greater than ever before because this time, they’re truly on their own.

Free on Kindle Unlimited!

On sale for $2.99 on Amazon!