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Apparition Investigations series

Perception, Book 1 of Apparition Investigations

Stella and Bronte just discovered their apartment is haunted.  Which isn’t as bad as it might sound, considering the two ghosts are polite, charming, and easy to get along with.  But something much darker seems to be stalking the ghosts, and it’s leaving all four wondering if ghosts themselves can be haunted by much more sinister things.

Book 2 is on sale now!

Opposition, Book 2 of Apparition Investigations

Apparition Investigations is raring and ready to solve the ghostly mysteries plaguing their clients. It’s not an easy gig, and problems abound, but Stella, Bronte, and Rose are determined to overcome any obstacles as AI helps those who can’t help themselves. But their latest case might be too much for them to handle. After all, how are ghost hunters supposed to battle monsters and demons?