Book Review: The Paper Magician (The Paper Magician #1) by Charlie N. Holmberg

After I read this book, I went out and bought 100 sheets of origami paper. And I bet you will too.

Book Review: Taming Demons for Beginners (Guild Codex: Demonized #1)

Rule one: Don’t look at the demon.

Rule two: Don’t listen to the demon.

Rule three: Don’t talk to the demon.

But I did, and now it’s too late.

Apparition Investigations, Book 2: Opposition is on sale now!

Opposition is now on sale! Click here to be taken to the Amazon page or if you’ve read it and would like to leave a review, click here to be taken to the Goodreads page. As a freebie, please continue reading for a look at the first chapter! Chapter One               “What do you meanContinue reading “Apparition Investigations, Book 2: Opposition is on sale now!”

Book Review: Size 12 Is Not Fat (Heather Wells #1) by Meg Cabot

One of my favorite cozy mysteries, written by one of my favorite authors, about one of my favorite former pop stars!

Perception: Chapter One

What happens when ghosts become haunted? One-hundred-year-old ghosts Oliver and Cyril are about to find out. And in order to survive, they might just need help from the pair of humans they’re haunting themselves.